What are the benefits of C12?

There are several categories of benefits. Here are just four of them.

Personal Leadership Growth

Each month, you will receive executive education that helps you run your business better. Our material is designed to be practical, application-oriented content that represents the best of Christian and secular sources. When the leader grows, the entire organization grows.

In addition to the monthly forums, you will meet with your C12 Chair for a private one-on-one consultation. You get to design this time to fit your needs. It is equivalent to an executive coaching session.

Organizational Development

Many of the applications discussed each month are designed to improve your organization. We will talk through organizational development, alignment issues, strategic planning, people management, business development, sales/marketing, and many more topics that will help you improve your performance. Furthermore, all of the content ever developed by C12 is available for you to share within your company. This becomes a training resource for your employees.

Business Reviews

Every business forum includes a core business presentation. This is similar to a board presentation. You will get multiple benefits from this. One, you will find it enormously helpful to hear how other leaders are running their companies. As they talk, you will learn from their mistakes and their successes. Two, when it is time for your presentation, you will find it very instructive to pull together all of the information for our presentation template. Perhaps this is the only time you will collect a comprehensive set of company performance information? Three, when you present, you will receive verbal and written feedback from your peers to help you with the issues you identify and the additional ones that they spot for you.

Comfort and Community

This might sound like a touchy-feely benefit of limited value unless you have experience running a company. Most CEOs know that the cliche, “it’s lonely at the top,” is true. We offer a safe environment to be transparent with peers that understand what you are going through. You will find that you do not have to be alone.

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